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Botulinum Type A for Bruxism-aka Teeth Grinding

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Did you know?

Botulinum Type A isn’t only used for beauty purposes-it also has several medical uses.

From providing comfort to Palsy and Bipass patients, to treating gummy smiles and excessive sweating, Botulinum Type A has a wide array of useful purposes. Botulinum Type A can stop your teeth from grinding too.

Grinding, also known as Bruxism, affects 50% of the population. It can cause chipped worn down teeth with increased cases of root canal, severe headaches and migraines, along with sore jaw muscles, facial pain, and enlarged masseter muscles.

Masseter Muscle Reduction

How can Botulinum Type A help?

Botulinum Type A is a relatively new treatment on the market which can successfully correct this problem of teeth grinding.

The product is injected into the masseter muscles, causing the muscle to relax and therefore prevents the teeth grinding during the sleep. Essentially, it lessens the ability of the muscles to clench tightly, therefore decreasing the amount of grinding that can occur. This will allow a better quality sleep, prevent future damage to the teeth, stop soreness and headaches, and improve your quality of life. Botulinum Type A will not affect chewing talking or eating.

Woman Teeth Grinding

Most people experience a decrease in most of all of their symptoms 2 weeks after the injections and on average treatment lasts 6 months. It is a short and pain free treatment which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete, and can prevent unnecessary teeth grinding and clenching.

An extra advantage is the shrinking of the masseter muscle size which results in a narrower jawline.

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