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Even if someone has a wrinkle-free face and flawless makeup, they might not be as young as they seem. To really know what age someone is, it isn’t their face you should look at, it’s their hands.

Hands are one of the first tell tell signs of ageing; developing wrinkles and losing volume in the same way as our faces. Not to worry though, Celeste have introduced a new hand rejuvenation treatment that uses dermal fillers to restore volume and even out ageing skin.

How it Works?

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You can get smooth, wrinkle-free, youthful hands with our new FDA-approved filler product Radiesse. Radiesse is the best product on the market for restoring volume loss in the hands. While other filler products might work better for facial aesthetics, the composition of Radiesse is perfect for hands. The right amount of product is carefully injected with a fine needle to accurately deliver long lasting volume restoration results. This minimally invasive, non-surgical treatment is relatively pain free and is completed in as little as twenty minutes.

Side Effects and Aftercare

Although Radiesse is an FDA approved and highly recommended product, side effects can still occur. Like with any aesthetic treatment, bruising and swelling are the biggest risk factor. Also pay attention to keeping the injected area sterile for 24 hours after the procedure, as there is a risk of infection if harmful bacteria get in to open prick points. You should also avoid hot showers, exercise and excessive heat for 24 hours and you can also give the housework a miss immediately after your treatment to allow the injected area to recover.

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You can find out more about safety and side effects of hand fillers here. If this treatment is something that you’re considering, you can book your appointment at Celeste by calling us on (0)83 444 4732 or by emailing us here.

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