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Non-Surgical Jaw and Chin Augmentation

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Are you happy with your jawline? A jaw that is prominent could previously be treated only through surgery, which left the patient in pain, unable to eat and drink during recovery, and often wearing headgear. This was a major and invasive procedure, and required a long period of healing, including time away from work and socialising. Today, however, there is another option.


Here at Celeste Medical, we believe that Non-Surgical Jaw and Chin Augmentation can be life changing! This procedure offers the benefits of a surgical jaw repair with none of the problematic issues that surround surgery, and our client testimonies demonstrate the potential of non-surgical treatment to transform the facial features without pain.



Why Choose Non-Surgical Jaw and Chin Augmentation?

Non-surgical jaw and chin augmentation can be carried out very quickly, with minimal pain and great outcomes. If you need further convincing, however, read on for more benefits!


It takes just 30 minutes. Replacing the need for a lengthy surgical procedure with a 30 minute process can only be a good thing. When you consider the length of time it takes to attend a surgical appointment and recover after this, it is particularly impressive that you can achieve similar effects with a procedure that lasts just half an hour!


It lasts for 6-12 months. At Celeste Medical, our non-surgical jaw and chin augmentation procedure uses Juvederm filler, which stimulates your own collagen levels and gives an excellent and reliable result. Depending on the individual and his or her metabolism, the effects of this procedure will last for 6-12 months.


It looks great. Our Juvederm filler injections are a very effective way to soften the jawline and give it the appearance of being pushed back, which gives a softer facial appearance and bone structure appears improved. This is a great way to turn back the clock for your skin and facial features, reducing the effects of ageing and treating yourself to a younger and fresher look.


The results are immediate and pain free. A surgical procedure involves a long recovery time and a lot of bruising and swelling, which can take time to settle down. When carrying out a non-surgical procedure, we use a topical anaesthetic to numb the area being treated, and our clients tell us that Doctor Mary’s procedures are usually entirely pain free! The results of a non-surgical process can be seen immediately, and although there may be discomfort and swelling, this will settle within 24 hours.



Non-Surgical Solutions For Facial Transformation


Dr Mary is an experienced and friendly practitioner, who is always happy to talk with you about the treatments we offer so that you can make an informed decision. You could start enjoying all the benefits of a non-surgical procedure today! Simply call now to find out more, send a message or request a callback at your convenience here.

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