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Quick, easy, low-pain and low-downtime laser treatment for anti-aging

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What is BBL?

Quick, easy, low-pain and low-downtime laser treatment for anti-aging
BBL HERO stands for BroadBand Light (BBL®) High Energy Rapid Output (HERO). Intense light energy delivered by BBL HERO stimulates your skin cells to regenerate and restore your skin by working with your bodies natural healing response to improve discoloration and increase collagen and elastin production.



How does BBL HERO work?

By using your bodies own natural healing to renew skin!

BBL HERO delivers quick pulses of light through the upper layers of the skin to target pigment and vascular lesions. The pigment in the lesion absorbs the light, and within days, your body naturally removes the pigmented cells, and replaces them with new, fresh cells. The result is your skin looking clearer, smoother, younger, and healthier

What does a Treatment Feel Like?

Treatments are fast, easy and low-discomfort

Most patients find the treatment well tolerated. You will feel a warm, snapping sensation with each flash of light

Treatments take only minutes, depending on the area

Your practitioner may use numbing cream before & BBL’s special cooling sapphire help ensure your treatment is as comfortable as possible

Gel is placed onto the skin for your comfort, to maximize efficiency and reduce the chance of burns

The handpiece glides over your skin to apply the energy, and multiple passes are performed

What Happens After My Treatment?

Downtime is minimal, and post-care is easy. Most patients return to their active lifestyle the same day and see results within 1-4 weeks*

Simply wear a moisturizing physical sunscreen and avoid the sun.

For the days immediately following your treatment, your skin may appear reddish. You might see some swelling or feel like a slight sunburn.

As you heal, the treated spots will darken and may feel a bit rough. Between 1 and 4 weeks*, any remaining brown pigment will peel or slough off by themselves, revealing the fresh, renewed skin beneath.

*note that some areas take longer to heal than others, e.g. face takes about 1 week, whereas legs take at least 4 weeks.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

You’ll see some results after 1 treatment. However, most patients love their results so much that they typically receive 2-3, and then schedule routine maintenance treatments afterwards.

Humm is a retail installment payment plan facility, an easy alternative to paying with cash or credit card for your goods.

Celeste offers finance plans for both Moxi and BBL Laser

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*Terms and conditions apply. Subject to credit assessment and approval– Minimum Purchase of €750.00 – To apply you need to be over 18 Years of Age – An Irish Citizen or Permanent Resident in Ireland, earn a Minimum of €21k per year, provide proof of PPS number & Address, have a Credit / Debit Card & Photo ID & have a Good Credit History. Finance provided by FlexiFi Europe Limited.

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