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What is Celluform?

Celluform is an injectable treatment that is often referred to as fat dissolving injections. These are used to reduce small areas of localised fat deposits on the face and body mainly focusing on the double chins/jowl area and abdomen area in only a few sessions.

How does it work?

Celluform is based on a formulation containing deoxycholic acid, soya lecithin and vitamin PP (nicotinamide). These combine to break down the fat cells, destroying them permanently and releasing lipids which are then expelled by the body through the lymphatic system.

In addition, Celluform also stimulates production of collagen for a firming effect and even a ‘lift’, depending on the area being treated.

What areas can it treat?

Celluform is very versatile and can be deployed in a variety of areas of the body and chin including:

  • Double chin, jowls
  • Belly fat/abdomen
  • Arms/bingo wings

Are there any side effects?

Common side effects include redness, swelling, tenderness and bruising at the injection site and in the treated area. You may also have a tight or tingling feeling, both during treatment and for a short period of time afterwards. This is due to the action of the active ingredients working on your fat cells and beginning the process of elimination. The area may also feel a little numb or itch for a few weeks post-treatment.

The expected downtime for all the above side effects is a week to ten days.

How many treatments will I need?

You will be recommended to have a treatment session once every 4-6 weeks and will need 2-3 treatments in total. Some people do get good results from a single session however, a course is usually recommended for optimal reduction in fatty deposits.

How much is the treatment?

Prices start from € 450

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