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Hyperhidrosis is a medical term used to describe excessive sweating.

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Do you struggle with excessive sweating, feeling self-conscious and limited by this condition? Hyperhidrosis affects around 1% of the population, causing overactive sweat glands that can significantly impact daily life. At Celeste Medical in Cork, our experienced medical team specialises in providing safe, effective hyperhidrosis treatment to help you regain your confidence.

What is Axillary Hyperhidrosis?

Axillary hyperhidrosis specifically refers to excessive sweating in the underarm area. Unlike normal perspiration, this type of hyperhidrosis occurs without typical triggers like heat or physical activity. The constant wetness and odour can be embarrassing, uncomfortable, and restrictive.

How Hyperhidrosis Treatment Can Help

The treatment involves a series of quick, carefully placed injections in the underarm area. These injections work by blocking the release of acetylcholine, the chemical messenger that stimulates the sweat glands. By interrupting this signal, the treatment effectively reduces excessive sweating.

During your appointment, one of our skilled medical practitioners will administer approximately 6-7 injections per underarm. The entire procedure takes around 10 minutes, and no downtime is required.

Most patients report significant improvement within one week of treatment. These remarkable results typically last 6-9 months, after which the treatment can be safely repeated to maintain its effectiveness.


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